The Importance of Women Empowerment

I had a transformative experience seven months ago when I became a father to an adorable baby girl. I will never forget how our little one decided she wanted to meet her parents a week early. I will never forget seeing my wife go through delivery. And I will always remember the first thoughts that went through my mind.

When so much we take for granted has been shattered, I could not help but wonder what my daughter’s future will look like. As I see my little one wobble onto her stomach, I could not be more proud of her resilience and determination to roll onto her belly.

Women have gone through too much just to be equal, and I took that for granted. But when I looked at our daughter, it became clear that not everyone has the opportunity to become strong and resilient. Being a woman is far more challenging than it should be, and that is not right.

Women should have the same opportunities as men. We should empower them to do the impossible. And we should strive to break any remaining glass cleanings and let them succeed in ways we could never have imagined.

That is why today we launched our ¡Fuerte! t-shirts, to celebrate women across our society for being strong, determined, and resilient. Additionally, a portion of proceeds from these shirts will be donated to Planned Parenthood. We hope you enjoy these shirts and join us in promoting this cause.