Our Story

OllyJolly started with the simple purpose of creating apparel that will make you smile. When you open up our package, we strive to make it a memorable, exciting, and enjoyable experience — bringing out the inner you, the simple you, the good old warm fuzzy feeling of joy.

Our designs create a one of a kind product that not only will enlighten you but those around you. We hope our products can bring you happiness and expose your quirky proud self.

Our motto is #BeOlly in that every day you are proud of who you are, and nothing can stop you from being you. Browse our growing collection; we are confident that there is something here that will bring out the real you.

Where did you get the name OllyJolly?

The name is a play on words about a cartoon character from one of our favorite tv shows growing up, Hey Arnold.

How long does it take for you to create a design?

Generally, a design takes 1-2 days for us to flesh out. They are all based on personal likes and interests. Our very first shirt was our Better Together Gin & Tonic T-shirt, simply because that is our founder’s favorite drink.