Life is full of surprises and crap. Let’s face it, there is a lot going on today that can make you sad for so many reasons. Cost of living, shitty job market, ever instability, geopolitical events, global warming, politics, and just about everything else. If you ain’t pissing someone off by doing something, then you are probably just barely making it. It sucks. It should not be like this, and far from what we deserve.

But, alas, there is so much one person can do, sure you can organize and rally, but even then that requires more time, and adds more anger and frustration at how slow and complicated things become. So you may just find yourself in the same place, just even more exacerbated and frustrated. 

Do we give up? No, but sometimes we need a break and relax, take a breather, recharge. Read something that is not doom threatening, see something that just makes you happy and has no other meaning. Or even sometimes you just need to see a cute pet picture. 

Welcome to the new OllyJolly, a lifestyle publication here to make your life a little bit less shitty. Just a simple place, where you can read, share, and contribute. We have no agenda other than to bring a smile to an exhausted face.

We hope you will join us, share your story, submit a caption, and or a picture of an adorable pet!

Thank you for visiting, we do hope you will enjoy!